Dubai is known as the “Commercial Capital” and the “City of Opportunity” of the United Arab Emirates. If you want to start a business here, you are in the right place. UAE has the lowest corporate tax rates (global scale). Presently, UAE is concentrating its economic development on tourism. The government focuses on building structures and developing real estate. Dubai is also transforming into a hub of finance and information technology, with the help of DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre).


So, what business do you want to start? For a startup entrepreneur like you, you can thrive in Dubai with a low-investment business. Here are some of them:


*             Fashion. Dubai is known for its fashion. It is a popular shopping destination for tourists and locals alike. If you want to invest in Dubai, fashion is the way to go. It is a lucrative business, especially if you keep your clients happy with updated pieces.


*             Advertising products and services. Advertising professionals thrive in Dubai. Since there are a lot of businesses in the city, you can help promote various goods and services, even from the comfort of your own home.


*             Making Art Pieces and Crafts. Do you have a creative mind? If you like to create arts and crafts products, Dubai is the right place to start your business. You can easily sell your products to clients all over the world through online stores.


*             Bookkeeping. This is one of the most lucrative businesses in Dubai right now. If bookkeeping is your expertise, you can start selling your skills from your home office.


*             Farming fish. Seafood is in demand in Dubai. If you want to help answer the demand, perhaps you should consider aquafarming. With aquafarming, you can help increase the population of seafood in Dubai at a low cost of investment.


*             Food business. Dubai is a melting pot of various cultures. Food is an easy way for all these cultures to have a fix of their native dishes. If you want to have profitable, low-capital business, consider starting a food business.


*             Home-based cooking. If cooking is your passion and your calling, you can start a food business from your home. This is a low capital business venture, which can answer the constant demand for delicious, home-cooked meals in such a bustling city.


*             Raising poultry. Do you want to raise poultry and supply meat? Then you need to maintain ample clean place for your animals. It should be fully integrated with slaughtering facilities. Large and medium scale poultry farms in Dubai are lucrative because of the increasing population.


*             Recruitment. There is a high demand for foreign workers in Dubai. Recruiting them and placing them in Dubai is a great opportunity for you if this is your expertise.


*             Recycling. Part of the green mission is recycling. You can recycle from your own backyard to help decrease the amount of garbage, which has become a bit alarming. Through recycling, you earn a lot while helping the environment.


Contemplate on what you want to do and start your business in Dubai. By then, you will know that you can be successful in the city as an entrepreneur even with low capital.