Health insurance provides you with a safety net during times of unexpected illness or injury. Let’s face it – when people get sick, the most common problem they encounter is how they’re going to cover their treatment. This is why you need to have a comprehensive health insurance plan that will provide you with security in times of need.

Not all health insurance plans are the same, though. Before you get a health insurance, you need to know what type of medical services will be included in your plan.

Here are some of the medical services that are common in health insurance plans:

Annual Full Medical Check-up

Most health insurance plans provide coverage for medical check-ups. This is common for insurance plans provided by an employer, as annual physical check-ups are a requirement in some companies. Depending on the plan, full medical check-ups may include blood screening, full body examination, x-rays, and other laboratory tests.


Some health insurance providers have a list of accredited clinics and doctors, so you can find the best hospital in Dubai to provide for your medical needs. When you get a health insurance plan, you can check the accredited hospitals and find doctors whom you can consult. Your insurance plan may cover some of the expenses for the consultation, or may provide you with free consultation from their accredited health care providers.

Eye Exam

Some health insurance plans have separate coverage for eye examination. This goes beyond the standard visual acuity examination included in full medical check-ups. A comprehensive eye examination may include dilation, visual field test, tonometry, and visual acuity test. Each eye will be checked for signs of visual problems or underlying conditions. Health professionals recommend undergoing an eye examination at least once a year – visit this website for more information about eye examinations.


Many health insurance providers include dental care coverage for specific treatments; some provide dental care in a separate plan. Some plans have higher premiums, but provide more coverage in terms of treatment payments when you use dental service. Health insurance plans that provide dental coverage may include the following: oral health check-up, simple tooth extraction, and prophylaxis. Major procedures and cosmetic procedures are often not included in dental coverage for health insurance plans.

Make sure you evaluate the benefits of your health insurance plan before you get one. Talk to your health insurance provider to get more information, so you can make an informed decision.