Companies and large enterprises today are putting a lot of their marketing budget on creating their company and eCommerce website. This is great move as a lot of buyers nowadays lean on purchasing online than going to an actual store.

However despite having an eCommerce website, some companies are having a hard time converting site visitors to actual sales. This would lead them to abandon this investment and rely on their old back of tricks.

But there are still some ways to salvage your website and turn them into a money-making channel by following this conversion guidelines and principles:

  1. Check your Page Speed

One of the pain points of most of the users are the page speed. In reality, online sellers only have 8 seconds to catch the attention of site visitors/potential buyers. If your page loading speed goes beyond two seconds, then you probably lose the opportunity to make a sales and increase your Analytics’ bounce rate. A lot of Dubai web design and development companies are making this a priority and fix any loading issues before they turn over their site to the client. Be sure that you page speed is optimized. Minify your CSS and ensure that the clear cache function is working.

  1. Take advantage of your negative space

As negative as it may sound, negative space can bring positive results to your website conversion. One of the common mistakes of amateur designers are putting a lot of elements on the page. This would lead to users losing their attention to what is important: your conversion elements like the call-to-action button. The saying “Less is more.” is still applicable in case. Make use of the negative space by leaving them be to bring attention to the conversion elements.

  1. Follow eye movements

Site users have a certain way of looking into websites like how we read a paper or a book: you start on the top left of the screen, proceed to the top right part then continue to the left part of the second line. Following that pattern, you can place key conversion elements based on the eye movements. The top of the page has the most visual importance so you may put your CTA buttons on that area.

  1. Use the right colors to evoke the right emotions

Colors plays a big part on your conversion as this element is tied to emotions. Like in branding, colors are used to represent certain concepts (e.g red for food, blue for honesty and trustworthy, green for well-being, etc.). Same goes with web design, you need to use the right color combination to arouse the emotion that you want your target audience to feel. Play with contrasting colors as well so you can lead the audience to your sales funnel.

  1. Play with powerful words

Aside from the design, the content is crucial on converting site visitors. Your website may look amazing, but if it doesn’t say the right words then the tendency of losing your visitors is high. If you are aiming for a quick conversion, be concise and straightforward with your website copies and use powerful and convincing words.

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