Most of the people prefer buying over renting like if we talk about the residents of Dubai then they will choose JVC apartments for sale or villa for sale in Mohammed Bin Rashid city Dubai. This is because these two locations are quite famous for the residential living. But in this article we will focus on the reasons that why renting is better than buying. Although both of these locations also offer renting facilities to their customers so the renters must not think that they won’t get a chance to live in such amazing locations.

To avoid repairing or maintenance

The first reason of renting a place is that you don’t have to worry about the maintenance or any repairing. The landlord is responsible to afford all the expenses regarding these issues. This is a huge relief for a renter as in this way he could save a lot of his money and live a stress free life. There could be multiple situations like may be your rooftop starts leaking or may your apartment need a new wall color. All these responsibilities are handled by the landlord.

Short-term stay

People who have recently moved to a new place and have short term planning to live there, then buying is not a wise decision for them. They should go with the renting facility so that they can easily leave whenever they want. In this way they will not have to worry about selling their house before leaving. Secondly it is also good for those people who want a frequent change in their location because leaving a rented house is far more convenient than a purchased house.

Stress free living

Owning a house is quite stressful because the homeowner is responsible for every maintenance and repairing of the house even if he has rented his house. This makes it very frustrating for them to afford the excessive expenditure. On the other hand renters are comparatively stress free because they don’t have to worry about any repairing or maintenance. Secondly the renters are also free from any insurance complications which have to be handled by the homeowner.

Free from taxes

If a person purchases a residential place then he has to pay a specific amount which is known as down payment. Secondly the homeowner is also responsible to pay property taxes to the government. Different countries have different payment procedures like some take it annually and some take it monthly. If a person wants to avoid all these inconveniences then he must definitely rent a property instead of buying.