There used to be a time when people would debate on whether buying a printer or a copier and end up buying both. But in today’s advancing technology of 21st Century, it has become a lot more easier but also harder at the same time to pick what you want as the market is full of options and new innovations. Back then, printers only used to do printing but now they can multitask. From punching holes in sheets to detecting fingerprints, they have outdone themselves.

Because of its extraordinary variety, it can be very hard to pick the right kind of printer for your office thus here is a guide to sharp printer suppliers in Dubai to help you opt for the best.


The first step to buying a new product is what type of printer you need? Should it be monochrome or a colored? And if you can’t decide that then simply buy one which has both functions in it.

The printers are manufactured to cater to the needs of different clients. Some may want a printer for their usual household printing while others could require one which covers everything for their business and office. Businesses can also be categorized as the small ones or well established ones, or the ones that are run by home offices or have a proper office with employee in it who will require a printer every 5 minute.


Production printer is also a good option for those who require heavy printing and best graphics for optimum results. These production printers offer 8 bit color depth for black and white and high resolution best to print graphics and produce high results.


Printing speed also matters a lot and this is one thing which you must look for in any printer that you buy. Speed is mentioned in the specs section of a printer. It is usually called page per minute also known as ppm. This the speed of pages that it can copy in a single minute. This amount of ppm varies on printer to printer as it can start as low as 27 and keep going beyond 50 pages per minute. You will have to figure out which speed will fit best for your business or office.

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