We get a huge load of requests with respect to why we offer latex foam things anyway not offer polyurethane foam or versatile cushioning things. We simply sell latex foam things since we have a strong conviction that latex foam is the most ideal sort of foam to use in resting cushions and mattress cherries on top. Latex foam offers a couple of gigantic advantages over versatile cushioning and polyurethane foam.

Latex Foam

Latex foam is a foam conveyed by vulcanizing liquid latex into best luxury mattress. The vulcanization cycle get joins latex particles with sulfur using warmth and gas pedals, for instance, zinc oxide. Latex foam can be conveyed with customary latex, which is harvested from versatile trees or produced latex, which is made from petrochemicals. The total of the latex foam we sell contains simply standard latex and never contains any fabricated latex.

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane Foam (in any case called poly-foam) is the most reasonable and least quality foam used in sheets and resting cushion cherries on top. People are routinely familiar with polyurethane foam as the sort of foam used in sofa cushions or humble “egg container” dozing pad cherries on top. Polyurethane foam is made up mainly of combinations got from petrochemicals.

Versatile cushioning

Versatile cushioning (in any case called viscoelastic polyurethane foam or tempurpedic foam) is a sort of polyurethane foam that contains added strengthens which change the way where it feels. This gives it the “slow” properties that versatile cushioning is known for. For example, it will hold your engraving two or three minutes when pressed. Similarly, with polyurethane foam, versatile cushioning is made up essentially of combinations got from petrochemicals.

We solidly acknowledge that latex foam is, by far, the most ideal kind of foam to use in dozing pads. Best latex mattress foam offers a couple of enormous advantages over Polyurethane foam and Memory foam. Because of this our things never contain any foam other than 100% typical latex foam. Since we detect a serious need on selling magnificent things at sensible expenses, you will find that our things don’t actually cost essentially more than others made with much lower quality materials, for instance, versatile cushioning and polyurethane foam.