An explosion-proof junction box is an enclosure that protects the wires and connections to provide safety and eliminate the risk of damage. It is installed in a hazardous area that has the risk of igniting harmful gases and liquids that may lead to an explosion. They are usually inserted in oil refineries, wastewater treatment plants, mines, etc.

Choosing the right ex-proof junction box is necessary as the safety of the employees and the unit depends upon it. It can be difficult to get a good quality explosion proof junction box for beginners especially. Here are 4 guidelines that will help you get the right ex-proof junction box.

Know your business:

The most important step before buying an ex-proof junction box is to understand what your business is. This will help you narrow down your search list and make the selection easier. There are 3 types of hazardous zones; each has a different junction box for it. Therefore, it is necessary to know which zone for business reside in and get the junction box accordingly.

Level of protection:

Different junction box offers different levels of protection. Ex d junction box is known as a flameproof junction box as they operate in high-temperature areas such as mines. They are designed to contain any explosions from escaping and cooling down the sparks. Whereas, ex e junction box operates in cool temperatures as they are designed according to increased safety standards. They are built to stop the production of any flame or spark that might cause an explosion. That’s why it is important to know which level of protection is suitable for your business.

Check the certification:

It is extremely important that the junction box is certified as ex-proof. They should have an ATEX or IECEX certification. This means that the junction box has gone through a number of tests and procedures to be certified as an ex-proof junction box. This is necessary to ensure that the lives of workers are not in danger in case of any accidents.

Plan a budget in advance:

To get the right and high-quality ex-proof junction box, it is necessary that you plan your budget beforehand. Ex d junction box is expensive as compared to ex e junction box as they provide a higher level of protection. To make bulk purchases, you have to design your budget in advance.

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