It is a treatment that is carried out because of infected or decayed teeth. In this process the pulp and nerve of the teeth are removed while the inner side of it is cleaned properly in order to avoid further infections.

The pulp is removed because it helps the bacteria to grow and this happens if the tooth is broken which is only possible if the pulp or nerve are damaged. Same bacteria produce other problems like abscess as well as other infections that can be even more tiring.

Where is abscess formed in the teeth?

This is always formed deep and in the inner roots of the teeth. This infection further spreads in the form of swelling in the head, neck or in the face.

Cause of the damaging of tooth’s pulp and nerve

There can be many reasons behind the damage, nerve and pulp can be infected, inflamed and irritated if the dental procedures are repeated, large fillings, crack or whole in the tooth, bring injury to the face and the deep decaying of the tooth.

Which dentist to choose?

If you are going to have your root canal conducted then you must always consult your dentist and he will identify the problem and will specify the type of dentist or the endodontist for the treatment of that specific problem depending on the severity of it.

Steps in root canal process


In the process of root canal certain steps need to be followed in which first is the conduction of x-ray. After x-ray, anesthesia is given that is local anesthesia but not all of the dentists use it because the nerve they are going to remove is already dead and does not cause pain but still in order to make people comfortable with the procedure it is given. Before the treatment starts, a rubber sheet is placed around the tooth to let the area that is going to be treated dry. After this a hole is drilled and the nerve and debris are removed and then the teeth and surrounding area is cleaned and restoration is applied in the form of crown.

Root canal cost in Abu Dhabi varies from clinic to clinic. Hollywood smile clinic Abu Dhabi is one of the famous clinics in Dubai. In order to avoid dental problems in life, it requires you to pay special attention on your oral hygiene by brushing teeth regularly and using floss as well as antiseptic mouthwash in order to avoid bacteria from multiplying.