Time attendance systems are being used rather commonly these days. With the passage of time, businesses have come to understand the benefits that these have to offer and because of this, there has been a significant rise in the fame of time attendance systems in Abu Dhabi. The best part is that the labor and workforces get to reap the benefits of these systems as well as they can clock in their hours on an automatic basis.


There is a number of industries in which wage payments are made to the workforce on the basis of the hours they have put in to work. These are typically inclusive of security and surveillance, construction, real estate and many others. In these verticals, fulfilling time engagements that are mentioned in their job contracts is of utmost importance for them to receive their wages. The time attendance system basically makes it possible for them to be paid on a weekly or monthly basis as per the total number of hours that they have dedicated to the job. With that, let’s take a broader look at the benefits that these systems have to offer:



The time attendance system was initially developed in Great Britain and is now being used by organizations across the world. It is typically used in labor intensive industries and offers a number of benefits, which include:


  • The time attendance system is extremely easy to use and makes calculation of work hours easy too
  • It is believed to create a sense of job security amongst the workforce and has a positive psychological impact on them
  • These systems are highly advantageous to businesses that have high cost investments and depend on the time being put in by their workforce to deliver the best results
  • With these system, equality of wages is guaranteed as employees are paid according to the number of hours they have put in to their work


The best part about attendance systems is that these do not require any manual intervention at all. These record the number of hours that a worker has put into his job on a biometric basis, which is why there is no way for its output to be disputed by the workforce.


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