There is no denying that there is a world of difference between residential and commercial fit out services. Where one is meant to satisfy a family at best, the other is meant to offer the best experience to a range of customers often from diverse backgrounds. Dubai is a place of many colors and it is difficult to see a more diverse and dynamic city in the region. Keeping this mind, if you ever had to pleasure of inspecting restaurant fit out in Dubai, you would realize just how different it is to those meant for residential customers. There are a number of differences, with each one meant to stand out in terms of functionality and looks. You might find features in restaurant fit outs that are rarely seen in their residential counterparts. Here is more on commercial fit outs and how they differ from residential ones:

Different Backgrounds

The foremost deference can be seen in the design, where you will immediately notice just how it is different other designs. These designs are mean to stand out for a number of reasons. The colors used in these are more vibrant and not the dull ones. The graphics are used more often and has more focus on figurine and visuals. When it comes to the use of furniture and fixture, they are also equally vibrant, and in most cases, unique compared to ordinary designs. However, you will not that both visuals and painting are meant to go well with the design of furniture and fixture. It would be difficult to see some contrast in both as they are designed to complement each other which they do often. Whether the design and fixture match or not, you will notice a certain theme about it and rarely will you run into a fit out design that has some oddities in it. To see those, you might have to wait for a design that was below par and that’s has not happened in the recent history.

Seeing all this brings one thing in mind, there is no oddity about these designs which means they are done by those who know how to play around with fit outs. Interestingly, the same is the case with office fit out companies in Dubai. Their designs are meant for offices, not restaurants so the designers know who they are working for.  Remember, you would be lucky to find one such fit out designing company and know, there are many of them in Dubai.