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Vietnam Outdoor Adventures – The Place for Amazing Fun

Vietnam Outdoor Adventures – The Place for Amazing Fun


Vietnam Outdoor Adventures – The Place for Amazing Fun

If you’re looking for a place that  has opened its doors to tourism fairly recently, Vietnam Outdoor Adventures is the place to see. Slightly different from the laid-back tourist paradise of Thailand, the facilities and structure of the country’s tourism sector is developing rapidly.

It is now in the same category as the other popular travel destinations for the holidays, offering a wide array of experiences that gives visitors a taste of the great flavors of Vietnam in terms of history, culture, and cookery alike.

Vietnam Outdoor Adventures

Vietnam is a country rich in varying degrees of nature, animal, and plant life. Recently, there has been an influx of outdoor sports and adventure activities that have added a more exciting element to the tourism sector, and has given people such as me another reason to visit the island country.

Tourists to Vietnam, raring for an adventure of a lifetime, can now trek the mountains in the north. They can choose rock climbing, go for a canoe ride, or sea kayaking and kits-surfing in the choppy waters of the south of Vietnam.

The visitor can become one in tune with the abundant nature, by walks, cycling, and mountain biking through the numerous and dense forest pathways in the country.

Vietnam Outdoor Adventures – Bird Watching and Other Activities

Black-throated Sunbird

Black-throated Sunbird

Vietnam is the place to go to, if you are an avid bird-watcher. All the national parks in the country, especially in Cuc Phuong, Bach Ma, and Cat Tien are ideal places for some serious bird-watching activity. Vietnam has over 850 species of birds alone, which makes the country a paradise for bird watchers.

In the past few years, a dozen of excellent golf courses have sprouted up in Vietnam, particularly around Ho Chi Minh City, Phan Thiet, Hanoi and Da Lat, all of which offer their services to patrons for a cheaper fee than in the west.

Vietnam Outdoor Adventures – Trekking, Hiking, and Mountain Biking

Rice field and river, NinhBinh, vietnam

Rice field and river, NinhBinh, vietnam

Visitors may have to make arrangements in advance if they want to experience a day of hiking, or they can go off on their own. You can schedule for a hiking and trekking tour package either through a local tours agent, or even before your trip to Vietnam.

Such tailor-made packages offer organized tours by a local guide in English, and are an ideal way to understand and view the sights Vietnam has to offer. Other than this, you can also arrange a night’s day at any of the villages littering the hiking path, but in most cases, the tour packages will also include this feature.

Mountain biking and cycling has also become increasingly popular, with centers for engaging in both the activities throughout the country. Tours offer half day excursions to multi day; the outings include nightly stays in villages. Other good areas to explore the off beaten paths include Mai Chau, Da Lat, and the great Mekong Delta.

Vietnam Outdoor Adventures – Water-Sports – Scuba Diving, Sea Kayaking, Canoe Rides

kayak in halong bay, vietnam

kayak in halong bay, vietnam

Due to a number of reasons, Vietnam doesn’t offer many options in terms of water sports despite having a coastline which stretches throughout much of the country. Be sure to check out my article about the amazing 2000 miles of coasting line.

The island of Phu Quoc situated off the southern coast is popular not only for its amazing beaches but also as the number one provider for activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving.

If you want to combine rock climbing and sightseeing, the place to go is the beautiful Ha Long Bay, on Cat Ba Island.

Go and explore and enjoy the amazing Vietnam Outdoor Adventures and you will soon find out that there is something for everyone there.



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