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Venetian Water Bus - Perfect for Getting Around the City

Venetian Water Bus – Perfect for Getting Around the City


Venetian Water Bus – Perfect for Getting Around the City

In the historic center of Venice, water buses are a unique and well-used means of transportation. Since travel is by water, you won’t be surrounded by tour buses, cars and ground taxis, as is the case in many tourist meccas.

Water buses travel to various points in town and even to some of the 100 outlying islands. The fleet includes 150 boats, with routes that extend into even the farthest Venetian Lagoon corners.

Detail of Rialto bridge in Venice

Vaporetto and Motoscafo on the Grand Canal

Although you could walk to most points of interest in Venice, taking Venetian Water Bus is a unique mode of travel that will enthrall you. They are especially of value if you are staying on one of the islands of Venice.

Visiting the islands of the local lagoon, you may watch glassmaking on the island of Murano. Venetian Water Bus provide a pleasant Grand Canal cruise of nearly an hour. If you have been walking all day, sightseeing, the water buses will show you through elegant canals and back to your hotel.

What You Should Know

Riding a motonave, motoscafo or vaporetto, the local water buses in the city of Venice, is no more complicated than taking city buses or subways in any town.

Waterbus stops can be found on maps of Venice, and you will no doubt see signs pointing them out if you do some sightseeing on land. The floating platforms are yellow and white, and quite easily recognized. Make sure you are on a landing for the line you wish to take. There may be multiple platforms at larger stops.

Purchase a Pass or Ticket

You may purchase 12-hour to one week Tourist Travel Cards of Venetian Water Bus tickets at any local ticket booth. Some large stops also have ticket machines. There is also the tourist version of the city pass for Venezia Unica, which will gain you admittance to city museums and public restrooms.

Grand Canal, Venice - Italy

The Streets and Alleys of Venice

Venice is at its heart a maze of narrow, twisting streets and blind alleys. On the Venetian Water Bus, you will enjoy the relaxation of a trip to San Marco, on the Grand Canal. Grand old homes and Gothic palaces dot the Grand Canal, and, unless you enjoy walking, viewing them from a water bus will be much more relaxing.

Gondolas are used mainly for the experience in Venice. They will give you a romantic ride, but if you want to go somewhere, you’ll need a water bus. Things move slowly in Venice, and you may find that you enjoy the pace. Realistically, enjoying the sights and getting from one point to another is an experience to savor. As you gaze at the sights, you won’t mind the slow speed.

Vaporetto are your best choice for longer trips in Venice, and will carry you to the islands in the area. Motoscafu are protected from rain and wind, and they travel outside the more sheltered Grand Canal, St. Mark’s Basin and Guidecca Canal. Single-deck motonave motorships travel the Venetian Lagoon. Double deck motonave will take you to the Lido, and they operate near the Piazza San Marco.

Venice, Italy. Gondola on a romantic canal.

Riding water buses is unlike riding city buses. You will enjoy the views of the wondrous sights of Venice, from a seat on a spacious water bus. It’s something you simply need to experience to believe.




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