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Top Beijing Museums - From Ancient History to Movies

Top Beijing Museums – From Ancient History to Movies


Top Beijing Museum – From Ancient History to Movies

Beijing, one of the vastly urbanized cities in China, holds an immense collection of science, art, culture, and history. These are displayed in the top Beijing Museum.

It’s probably one of the main reasons why I’ve always loved going to Beijing. I always try to stay near the center of town. So much is in walking distance.

The top Beijing Museum contain events of Chinese culture and significant occasions in history, which present amazing opportunities for enthusiasts from all over the planet.

A number of them preserve old-fashioned architectural characteristics, while others are contemporary with superior technology. Touring museums in Beijing, compliments its significant heritage locations.

Beijing Capital Museum

Built in 1981, Beijing Capital Museum houses a great collection of valuable Chinese mementos and educational artifacts, and has the most excellent museum show service.

This top Beijing Museum is separated into five floors above ground in addition to two floors underground with an area of 63,390 square meters. The grand structure, a variety of exhibitions, and superior service make Beijing Capital Museum, one of the best museums in China.

Beijing Capital Museum

Beijing Capital Museum

Its plentiful relics like; calligraphy works, porcelain, bronzes, along with Buddhist figurines; have won an elevated standing around the world. Most of the compilations were uncovered after the birth of the People’s Republic of China, and a number of them date back to the New Stone Age.

Three chief components of the museum illustrate the momentary exhibits, the major display, and the excellent art compilation. Subsequently, there is the Stele of Emperor Qian Long, which is the prized collection of the museum.

National Art Museum of China

National Art Museum of China was reserved for the compilation, study, and demonstration of contemporary and modern artistic mechanisms in China. More than 100,000 portions are domiciled in this huge top Beijing museum, which encompasses an area of approximately 18,000 square meters; separated into five floors.

A compilation of masterpieces by well-known Chinese artists along with high-quality workings from the late Qing Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty, with the early Republic of China period; are the riches of this museum. Not including the family pieces, plenty of overseas creative works are well-liked in this museum.

Thousands of important demonstrations of prominent artists from China and overseas have been held in National Art Museum of China in the past.

National Museum of China

National Museum of China

Beijing Theater Museum

Beijing Theater Museum was initially built in 1807 (for the duration of the Qing Dynasty), and modernized and revived for the community in 1997.

In the older Xiangxianci Building, which is the major display hall of Beijing Theater Museum, the record of the growth of the museum is also told. The growth of Peking Opera initiated in this museum. You can also discover some pictures and acoustic recordings of famed Beijing Opera artists, like Mei Lanfang.

China National Film Museum

China National Film Museum is the biggest museum in China with the key intention of showing the times gone by; depicting the civilization of the Chinese with pictures and films.

A group of sophisticated multifunctional halls, over twenty exhibition rooms, one IMAX cinema, with two digital protuberance cinemas; offer an absolute experience of the modern cinema culture in China.

There are many other locations that are worth visiting but these are the absolute best and top Beijing Museums to visit. They are very interesting and worth visiting.



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