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The English Pub

The English Pub


The English Pub Guide

When it comes to the The English pub, I have my fair share of stories to tell. One of the first things a tourist should learn in my experience is how the pub scene works. The first time I wandered into a country the English pub, I was expecting a cold beer, cheers in an English accent, and some friendly conversation, though it didn’t quite turn out that way.

The Infamous Bitter Service

When you head into an English pub, never order a beer unless you like being laughed at. People refer to their beer with specifics, such as a bitter. Bitter is a distinctively popular British beer, though it comes in many different types now, it’s a brownish red ale, strongly flavored with hops. Another thing that might surprise you is that a bitter is served at room temperature and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

I learned this rule the hard way. Hopefully my blog will make a difference for you. The Brits posses a sadistic sense of humor, they will sit and laugh at the poor oblivious tourists who don’t know that there is no concept of service in the pubs. Whether you want food or beer, you’ll have to go to the bar to get some service.

Another thing, the bars over there don’t keep tabs for you, so you’ll have to pay for the drinks and food upfront.

It may seem a little weird for the first time visitors, but this is their culture and I for one love learning new culture.

Different Kinds of English Pubs

In England there are several different kinds of pubs and they all attract different kinds of crowds.

  • The English pubs in the city centers attract a diverse group of people, usually those working in the area. These are filled usually during lunchtime and after work hours when coworkers and friends get together to unwind over a warm bitter.
  • Then there are the themed pubs, mostly in the city. These could be anything from a jazz pub, comedy pub, and gay pubs, etc.
  • One of my favorites, the country pubs is a piece of their cultural heritage. Though it may not look the same from the inside.
  • Then there are the local pubs and since they are pretty local, they aren’t quite welcoming especially to visitors.
  • Another one of my favorites is the freehouse. Since most of the pubs are licensed through breweries, they are not allowed to sell drinks from their competitors. Freehouses are independent pubs which serve different varieties of beers. They are the best place for a visitor in the hope to try out different local drinks.

I hope this blog post gave you enough information to be able to enjoy the english pub scene in the country without any worries. If you are out visiting England, absorb as much of the culture as you can, because you will definitely miss it once you are home. Drink up, enjoy, savor it!




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