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Thailand Travel Tips - Important Customs and Traditions

Thailand Travel Tips – Important Customs and Traditions


Thailand Travel Tips – Important Customs and Traditions

Thailand is perhaps, in my humble opinion, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Food, rolling hills, beaches, ancient sites, places to explore, and more. This is one place I wish I had more time to spend in honestly.

Thailand is rich and diverse in its culture and customs and many of them differ from those in the West. So, it’s really important to keep these Thailand travel tips in mind. Oh and also check out my article on incredible museums to see while visiting Bangkok.

Here are a few Thailand Travel Tips to stimulate your craving to find out more about the amazing country, and to put into practice reverentially, while you journey all the way through Thailand.

Grand Palace, Thailand

Grand Palace, Thailand

Thailand Travel Tips – Respect the Royals at All Times

The regal family unit of Thailand is held in extremely elevated esteem. Making disparaging comments on the subject of any of the majestic family members is not in favor of the law. The punishment is 3 to 15 years of custody, which depends on the harshness of the comments.

Thailand Travel Tips – Greet the Right Way

The customary salutation is with the two hands in a prayer like stance with palms pressed together recognized as a wâi.  If a Chinese person grants a wâi to you, to be courteous, it is pleasant to wâi back. A wâi is appreciated at all times. Believe me!


Thailand Travel Tips – Ensure that You Maintain the Dress Code

The majority of Thailand’s points of attraction are of great cultural importance. Places, for instance palaces and temples, are extremely valued by the Thai people because of their religious standards.

Furthermore, there are specific traditions and manners you have to value when you visit these places. For example, you have to be dressed in a “civil dress” while visiting bureaucratic buildings as well as palaces. This indicates no flip-flops, no shorts, and no skirt over their knee for the ladies, also no sleeveless shirts.

Sukhothai historical park, the old town of Thailand

Sukhothai historical park, the old town of Thailand

Thailand Travel Tips – Be Wary of Taking off Your Shoes When Needed

Throughout Thailand, if you become aware of a heap of shoes near or at an entry door to a house, supermarket or hotel, you should first take off your shoes prior to entry it is thought to be rude if you do not do so.

Thailand Travel Tips – Books Are of Great Importance

Books and the various other print materials are given a unique rank above all other worldly items. You should not skim books or papers across a bench top; neither should you put items like these on the floor. Make use of the chair or any stand if it is available.


Thailand Travel Tips – Significance of the Human Body

Thai civilization places definite spiritual significance to numerous parts of the human body. You are not supposed to tip your feet at anyone, touch anyone by means of your feet, prop up your foot up on chairs or desks or stride over citizens who are seated on the floor.

The head, on the contrary, has superior significance. Do not touch any person on their head because this is believed to be extremely rude. In addition, you ought to steer clear of sitting on the cushions meant for the head.

In a number of rural regions, food is frequently served whilst sitting on the floor. Striding over provisions on the floor is an very rude action and will certainly humiliate the Thai host.

Thailand is a remarkable place to visit. Be sure to check with your local government’s about travel to Thailand as from time to time the government has shut down, making travel out of the country difficult. But there is just so much to see and do, explore and enjoy.

Have fun!


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