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Thailand Street Food - Amazing Blends of Tastes

Thailand Street Food – Amazing Blends of Tastes


Thailand Street Food – Amazing Blends of Tastes

Enjoying Thailand street food is one of my favorite activities in Bangkok. It is tough not to locate a street bend with a chain of handcarts aligned dishing out food like noodle broth, BBQ chicken, beef cakes and appetizing fried fish. Makes your mouth water, doesn’t it?

The most important facet is that Thailand street food also has various reimbursements for you as a vacationer. It is in general safe (because you can observe what is being prepared and if it is clean) and apart from that, you also get to relate with the local people of Thailand.


If you adore Thailand street food then you are definably going to love paying a visit to Chinatown situated in Bangkok. It sports numerous street food stalls, marketplaces, pushcarts and restaurants. Night is the time Yaowarat, the name by which Chinatown is as well recognized as, will astound your flavor buds. You should just seek for the ad hoc stands, the synthetic chairs and tables, devour loads and loads of delicious food and then wash it all down with Singa Beer!

food stall in bangkok thailand

food stall in bangkok thailand

Silom Road

Because it is the innermost commerce region of Bangkok, it has a large group of citizens, starving people who want fast food in the middle of administrative center hours.

This means that you will discover quite a lot of diverse Thailand street food choices.

Soi 20 and Soi Convent are two of the locations where you almost certainly will want to go and gobble up the inexpensive varieties of Thai food.

Soi Rambuttri

This is one of my many preferred roads in Bangkok; a place where you can get away from the insanity of the hustle bustle of Bangkok. I loved eating and drinking here. There is a reason it is considered an appealing Bangkok retreat


Fresh vegetable on street market

Fresh vegetable on street market

Banglamphu is the district in the region of the river, in close proximity to the Golden Palace which comprises of the back packing journey region of So Rambutrri and Khao San Road. So if you really have a desire to enjoy the splendid Thailand street food, then you should definitely saunter towards the end of the Khao San Road, make a turn to the right, go past the police post conflicting the Wat and Soi Rambuttri and behold the many different street stands and pushcarts.

Soi 38 Sukumvhit

In Soi 38 Sukumvhit you will dine on the road at a shaky metal stand with cars escaping the pushcarts and stands that are lined up along the street and the rare friendly dog trotting by looking expectantly for some leftovers.

There is an abundance of culinary options all along this hectic road. This Thailand street food is delicious, economical and arrives quickly. In addition to that most menus are written in English which makes ordering your favorite dish trouble free.

Besides the street food stands, those located on Soi 38 are very clean and the components used to create the dishes are fresh.



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