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Summer in Israel - Fun For the Whole Family

Summer in Israel – Fun For the Whole Family


Summer in Israel – Fun For the Whole Family

Summers are always special with kids around, and the energy of the moment takes you back in a time machine to your own childhood. Having said that, I have seen at close quarters how parents get wooly eyed from trying to figure out the perfect activity for their kids, and I realize that the issue can be quite pressing. So, summer in Israel has so many things to offer!

Take a Bike Ride around the Sea of Galilee

Take a Bike Ride around the Sea of Galilee

Not if you remember what summer meant to you as a kid, though. Summer is, was, and always will be outdoors, and you can relax if you are willing to let them go.

Summer in Israel – Young Boys and Girls and the Sea

With so many beaches around, you don’t really need to ask where to take them. The Shavei Tzion beach near Nahariya, the Achviz beach, Dor beach in Carmel, Beit Yannai beach near Caesarea, Palmachim beach, the Accadia beach in Herzliya are some of the beaches I recommend for a family outing.

Fun, and frolic is always at its best on a beach when one is young. Take them now, and they will remember it forever.

Caesarea, Israel

Caesarea, Israel

Summer in Israel – Zoos are Always Happening

The zoo is another place where you can safely take your kids any day, and they will love it, like we did. It’s only when we grow up and have kids of our own, and we have to take them that we tend to find the idea not so hot. But that’s a long way off for your kids, and till then it’s unanimously appealing.

My young nephews and nieces absolutely love the Tisch Family Zoological Garden in Jerusalem. It has a train running around its grounds, and a petting zoo as well that always fascinates the tiny tots.

Tisch Family Zoological Garden, Jerusalem

Tisch Family Zoological Garden, Jerusalem

Summer in Israel – Race the Wind on Ice

Kids love to do things which they think are anomalous. That’s why the ice skating rinks in Israel are always heavily rushed in summer. It is a great way to beat the heat outside as well.

The Canada centre in Metulla (north Israel), has one. Ice Space in Eilat, and Ice Peak in Holon are quite popular as well and make for a truly unique experience of summer in Israel.

Summer in Israel – Discover Australia in Israel

Gan Garoo, the natural park in Beit She’an Valley is a mini Australia safari with kangaroos, cockatoos, flying foxes, kookaburra, cassowary, wallaby, and emu trotting around in a home away from home. The kangaroos love to be hand-fed and were an instant hit with my nephews and nieces (and their parents too!).

Summer in Israel – Show them How to Surf

Israel is one of the best places in the world for your kid to get a taste of surfing. You don’t need to research about surfing schools-all of them are equally capable, and the one that is nearest to where you are putting up would do nicely.

The next step is of course river rafting, but for that you have to have adolescents. Rafting in the river Jordan is an all time popular activity. If your kids are ready for it, then they are going to have an experience of a life time.

Scuba Diving in Eilat

Scuba Diving in Eilat

Family Time in Summer

Volunteering is very popular in Israel, and during the summer families can be seen volunteering at the national food bank, eco villages, soup kitchens etc. It is a great way to bond with each other in a fun way.

Whichever option you come up with, just be sure that your kids don’t veto it with “we did that last summer”, and summer in Israel will rock.

Oh and when you find yourself in Jerusalem, be sure to read my article here on the amazing discoveries you and your family can make together!



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