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Staying in Tel Aviv - The Insiders Guide

Staying in Tel Aviv – The Insiders Guide


Staying in Tel Aviv – The Insiders Guide

Israel gives you everything you need on a holiday – there’s history in Jerusalem, adventure at the Negev desert, and great food and a heaving nightlife in Tel Aviv. You may not know this, and thankfully, most tourists don’t, but Tel Aviv feels like it’s on a year-long holiday. Our life here is casual – no one owns a business suit, and our cafes are always alive. Spend a few days in the city, and you will know why we Israelis think it is the greatest city on earth.

Tel-Aviv beach panorama.Jaffa. Israel.

I remember the first time I came here and was so impressed by what locals call (Mini New York City (and I’m originally from NY)). Tall buildings, tons of places to have fun, gorgeous beaches, and I thought to myself, “Wow! The sites here are amazing given that 100 years ago nothing was here by sand, the smell are an awesome mix of the Mediterranean Sea and sweet cookings from the town, and the sights are filled with beach goers and front side hotels. I LOVE coming into this town from Jerusalem (from the South East) and seeing the building continue to grow from the distance, but… knowing that right on the other side of those beaches, a small piece of heaven exists. Oh man… some great memories I can NOT wait to share with you…

tel aviv beach


Staying in Tel Aviv is endless  – from easy-going beachside hotels to the exotic hotels in the Yemenite Quarter and the fashionable hotels on Rothschild Blvd, Tel Aviv spoils you for choice. But here’s an insider guide to what really stands out.


House with palms in Jaffa, a southern oldest part of Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Most backpackers around the world are resigned to staying in hostels that are identical to one another and have no redeeming quality at all. Not so in Tel Aviv. Our Old Jaffa Hostel used to be an old Turkish home  that was lovingly restored and turned into an amazing hostel by an Israeli couple. This was incredible. As soon as you walk in the old rustic front door, you smell the sweetest scene of coffee… Yes! Coffee… But Turkish coffee has a soft aroma to it that is not rough on the nostrils, so even though not a fan of coffee… no worries!

The rooms and dorms here have a bespoke old-world feel and the added edge is definitely the roof garden that provides a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea.


Hayarkon 48 Is an exciting place to stay, feeling alive with life and fun. Out of all the hostels I’ve been, this easily takes the cake as being the most accommodating and easiest places to feel comfortable! Best known for its excellent showers, spacious kitchen and large community areas where people from different countries can interact without any curfew.

The rooms are well-appointed and there is a pool table thrown in for good measure. Its location is enviable – a short walk away is Allenby Street – Tel Aviv’s party central and there are loads of 24-hour bakeries and kiosks around for those midnight emergencies!

Staying in Tel Aviv – Hotels

The Brown TLV Urban hotel has 4-star amenities but not 4-star rates. I heavily recommend the hotel to those seeking a luxurious stay near the beach and the Great Synagogue, because its amenities are excellent and the location is enviable. The rooftop sundeck and two outdoor bars sell the hotel to most visitors, but if you are looking for a little extra, try their well-stocked library or the hydro-massage showers.

On the lawn playground attraction

Crown Plaza Tel Aviv City Center hotel is the last word in luxury. Close to the cultural hub of Tel Aviv, the hotel has a pulsating energy that is difficult to compare. With supervised childcare facilities, the hotel lets you get out on your own, and get back from a day’s sightseeing to spa tubs and indoor pools as well as well-stocked minibars. Why do I recommend it? Because it lets you live like a king without emptying your treasury!

Staying in Tel Aviv – B&Bs

Trieste Boutique Concept Suites Neve Tzedek is close to the Carmel Market, Hatachana Compund, Shalom Meir Tower, as well as the Nachum Gutman Museum of Art. So it gives you all the culture/history fix you may want, while also offering perhaps the best jetted bathtubs in all Tel Aviv. The kitchenettes are excellent and the view from the terrace is to die for! Book early, because it sells out fast!

What’s so cool about Staying in Tel Aviv, is although the city can feel big there is something great, local, and fun, around nearly every corner.

Feel free to walk along the beaches and never worry of going hungry with awesome beach side bars and cafe’s, and yes, when you go and see those signs saying “No Dogs” don’t be dismayed when you see dogs running up and down on the sand.

I can’t wait to go back. Oh, and did you know there’s actually a train from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?


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