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South Korea Festivals You Would Not Want to Miss

South Korea Festivals You Would Not Want to Miss


South Korea Festivals You Would Not Want to Miss

South Korea has a rich culture, acquired from a long history and mix of religions, heritage, cultures, and languages, which makes up different festivals throughout the year. South Korea festivals are lively and have unique characteristics that highlight the vibrance and meanings of customs. Here is what you can experience at different times of the year if you are visiting South Korea.

South Korea Festival: Buddha’s Birthday

A canopy of lotus lanterns on Buddha's birthday.

A canopy of lotus lanterns on Buddha’s birthday.

Buddha’s birthday or Bucheonim osin nal meaning “the day when Buddha came” falls on the eighth day of the fourth month of the Korean lunar calendar. It is the biggest celebration in South Korea when the streets and cities are decorated with lanterns for week long celebrations while special lantern parades are held across the country.

On this South Korea Festival, temples are adorned with lotus lanterns while free meals and tea is served to visitors.

South Korea Festival – Jeongwol Daeboreum

Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festiival

Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festiival

Jeongwol Daeboreum is an important traditional festival that celebrates the first full moon of the new year of the Korean lunar calendar. The festival is celebrated in the Jeju-do Island where people climb the mountain to catch the first glimpse of the full moon. It is believed that the first person to catch the sight will have good luck throughout the year.

In addition, children fly kites and play traditional game geuybulnori the night before daeboreum, which is said to bring good fortune for the coming year. On this day, special five grain meal and wine are served that are believed to bring good news for one year.

South Korea Festival – Hi Seoul

Hi Seoul Festival

Hi Seoul Festival

Hi Seoul is a seasonal cultural festival held four times a year. The festival features exhibition of national clothes, traditional foods, different forms of art and activities highlighting the different aspects of the life in Seoul. Through this festival, you can experience and see the true fusion of the modern and traditional elements of the country.

Here is the official website for this colorful festival.

Baekje Cultural Festival

Baekje Festival

Baekje Festival

Baekje Cultural Festival is a tribute to Baekje dynasty that ruled the country for nearly 700 years. The festival features a colorful parade as well as more than 100 traditional performances and events to highlight the history and culture of the Baekje Kingdom.

South Korea Festival – The Andong Mask Dance

The Andong Mask Dance festival is a major cultural attraction of the Androng region which offers visitors a chance to enjoy Korea’s traditional mask dances. These dances have great traditional significance and are considered as important intangible assets of Korea.

In addition to mask dance performances, the festival features more than 50 events and hand-on experience programs including, mask dance competitions, world mask exhibition, mask making, and mask dance lessons allowing visitors to participate and get the real feel of this imperative element of South Korean culture.

Andong Mask Festival

Andong Mask Festival

Busan Film Festival

Busan Film Festival is one of the biggest film festivals in Asia. The festival is meant to honor young and celebrated talent of the world as well as promote every aspect of the film industry in the region. This festival is the celebration of modern South Korea and its novel trends and cultural themes.

South Korea Festivals have powerful characteristics that connect you with the many aspects of the culture.

If you are visiting South Korea, you should witness and become part of the vibrant celebrations.

My favorite festival had to have been Hi Seoul Festival. The feeling is joyous, great tasting food, the most realistic costumes ever, and performances all throughout the city and on every block!

South Korea is so filled with amazing culture and history that the country has 5 locations on the UNESCO. Check out my article here to learn about them!



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