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Singapore Botanical Gardens - A Visit of Wondrous Nature

Singapore Botanical Gardens – A Visit of Wondrous Nature


Singapore Botanical Gardens – A Visit of Wondrous Nature

Singapore is famous for the many shopping venues and plazas it offers, as well as the numerous food places and hawker markets that are known for serving traditional and authentic Singaporean dishes. One other attraction that visitors flock to see there, are the Singapore Botanical Gardens, the only one in the world that opens from 5 am and closes at 12 midnight each and every day for visitors.

I was certainly happy to discover this, upon visiting the Gardens on a spur of the moment.

singapore1010Originally established in 1822 by Sir Stamford Raffles, the gardens were re-located by the Horticultural Society in 1859. This incredibly green 74 hectare national park has still kept a subtle feeling of Victorian times and gentility about it, with its dazzling swan lake, symphony stage, and beautifully themed gardens which only enhances the entire experience. In 2012, the Botanical Gardens were listed under World Heritage sites by the UNESCO.


Beautiful statues are scattered around the gardens, the most notable being of Frederick Chopin and his wife near the Symphony Lake. There is a large, white building in the middle of the artificial lake which looks like a mushroom, but is really shaped like a turtle. This is the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage, which on most events becomes the venue for concerts for which locals and tourists alike come in huge numbers.

Concert Venue

Concert Venue

Singapore Botanical Gardens: The Highlights

Apart from the National Orchid Garden which requires a small fee to see, entry to the Botanical gardens is absolutely free and a popular venue for practicing early morning tai chi, families out for a picnic, joggers and nature enthusiasts.

Admission to the Orchid Garden is free for children 12 years of age and below. For senior citizens and students, entry ticket is $1. However, students may need to show their student’s pass. For adults, the admission ticket is $5.



There are numerous other themed gardens, although the main attraction is the Orchid Garden which houses nearly 60,000 orchid plants, out of which there are more than 2000 hybrids and consisting of 400 different species found throughout the world.


The other themed gardens within the Singapore Botanical Gardens include the Ginger Garden with different species of the ginger family, the Healing Garden, the Fragrant Garden, The Foliage Garden, and the Evolution Garden.

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

Singapore Botanical Gardens: The Halia Restaurant

One other attraction in the Ginger Garden is the restaurant which is named after it. The Halia Restaurant, due to its incredibly gorgeous setting is one of Singapore’s get-away places for a relaxing brunch or dinner surrounded by lush nature, and abundant birdlife.

The restaurant offers a selection of dishes, appetizers, and drinks that are sure to blow the mind away with the infusion of classic and traditional Singaporean flavors, in a modern touch.

Singapore has so much more to offer, other than the shopping and food. Just take a stroll in one of the many pathways of the Garden, and see for yourself. Here’s the official website for the Singapore Botanical Gardens.



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