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Sentosa Island Singapore - Asia's Favorite Playground

Sentosa Island Singapore – Asia’s Favorite Playground


Sentosa Island Singapore – Siloso Beach – MegaZip Adventure Park

Sentosa Island Singapore – Asia’s Favorite Playground

I vividly remember my visit to the Sentosa Island Singapore. I simply love how some of these countries have dedicated whole islands for tourists, isolating the destination from the city life and the pollution that comes along with the urban lifestyle.

Sentosa Island Singapore has progressed a long way since its inception in 1972. Anyone who has visited the island would agree with my claim of Sentosa Island Singapore being one of the most wonderful places to visit in Asia.

Gateway To Sentosa, Singapore

Gateway To Sentosa, Singapore


The Sentosa Island Singapore  hosts three of the most amazing beaches in the region, Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach and Tanjong Beach

  • In the centre of the vast and expansive southern coast of Sentosa Island Singapore, lies the Palawan Beach. Upon the first footprint on the warm sands of Palawan Beach, the gentle yet firm sea breeze had a blinding effect. The beach was filled with a diverse group of tourist, some swimming, few sunbathing while others mingling at the minimalist bars, complementing the natural beauty of the terrain. The best part was the shared sense of wonder over the gorgeous beach.
  • The western portion of the southern coast, Siloso Beach attracts tourists more inclined towards physical outdoor activities, such as, canoeing, mountain biking, beach volleyball, skim boarding and the list goes on. Siloso beach has a more urban feel, with food courts and shopping outlets dominating the area.
  • The crescent shaped beach, Tanjong Beach is much more secluded then its counterparts on the southern coast. This part of the coast is mostly used for private parties and special events.
Hanging bridge over a small tropical lagoon

Hanging bridge over a small tropical lagoon

MegaZip Adventure Park

The adventure park is the first of its kind in Singapore, atop Mount Imbiah. The park hosts Asia’s longest and steepest zip wires. Although, the park has several other activities which are impeccable in their own right, for example, a freefall simulator, an ultimate physical challenge course. But none can compare to the extreme zip line experience, the 450 meter long, 75 meter high, an adrenaline junkie’s idea for heaven.

Finally, I was strapped in, heart throbbing, blood rushing, and a thought crept up, all this before the experience even started, within a second it had vanished, along with me into the madness. I sped over the gorgeous lush green canopy jungles of Mount Imbiah. And across the greens were the emanating sands of Siloso Beach, swallowed up by the warm embrace of the clear waters.

It was one heck of an amazing experience. The sights were seared into my mind for the coming eternity. They say that a person is capable of taking only a few things through that unknown transition that awaits us all. Well, when I say this, I say it with certainty, this experience was one of those things that can even outlast time itself.



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