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Secret Paris - 4 Hidden Events in the City History

Secret Paris – 4 Hidden Events in the City History


Secret Paris – 4 Hidden Events in the City History

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Incredible foods. Incredible sites! Incredible places to discover. An amazing history! And I like to consider myself a bit of a student of history so let me say that I was… intrigued… by these few facts that a friend told me about. So much so I wanted write an article about them.

Paris is a city of many mysteries, one thing that you may not be aware of is the fact that there are many events which have happened that have disappeared somewhere in the history books. Here are the top 4 for your enjoyment.

  1. Secret Paris – Nazi bunkers were created in the Paris Catacombs.
    1. The catacombs below Paris are the home to over 6 million Parisians. Of those 6 million most of them are ancient. During the French Revolution many people used to meet in the catacombs and hide to plan their strategies.
    2. In addition to that there are people now who meet down there as well to have catacomb parties. The Nazis saw the distinct advantage to ensuring that their men had a place to hide in the most secure area of the city.
    3. Nazi Bunkers, courtesy Messy Nessy

      Nazi Bunkers, courtesy Messy Nessy

  2. Secret Paris – The French-Algerian Massacre of 1961.
    1. In 1961 on the tail end of a disagreement with the government. The French government got into a disagreement with Algerians who were seeking and looking for political asylum. The government decided to crack down on the people and a massacre ensued.
  3. Secret Police – Napoleon escaped twice.
      1. After his unfortunate defeat at Waterloo Napoleon lost favor with the French people. That translated into his banishment and eventual imprisonment on the island of Elba. While he was on the island he sought to return to power and to find a way out of his predicament.
      2. He was thought to have kept a private army the entire time he was imprisoned and to have them on hold at his beck and call. He returned to Paris 2 times after his exile and was then taken back into custody.

  4. Secret Paris – Paris had human zoos.
    1. France has always been a country of conquest and while they were working hard to expand the empire they also decided to bring it back to Paris for national display. Over 35,000 people were brought back to the city and were then put into local villages which recreated the lifestyle of the locations where there were very were from.
    2. Now there is a location that is available and abandoned in the middle of Paris. It stands in the heart of the city as a testament to all of the things that were wrong with colonization. One thing that is truly amazing as well is the fact that there are many people as well who have gone back to the site and have contemplated tearing it down.
    3. That however, is not an option since the site has been a part of the history of the city.

Every city has its secrets and there is nothing different about Paris.

Within the dark streets and the locations which have been populated since Roman times lurks a new kind of secret which is the driving force of history as well as of innovation; Secret Paris. When you head to Paris you will be able to find locations in which you want to stay and have an experience of a lifetime. Make sure you are ready!



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