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Romantic Paris Dinner - Top 5 Spots for Pure Enjoyment

Romantic Paris Dinner – Top 5 Spots for Pure Enjoyment


Romantic Paris Dinner – Top 5 Spots for Pure Enjoyment

There is nothing like the quiet of sitting on a balcony somewhere and taking in everything around you, the sounds, the people, and the look of your sweetheart, gazing back at you. While this might seem like a dream, it is just a night out on the town in Paris.

Romance in Paris

Romance in Paris

There has never been a city more prone to lovers of every kind and people just looking for a pleasant and fun evening.

Romantic Paris Dinner – Passage 53: Is an ideal location for some sushi and sake. In addition to its very French décor, this restaurant also has some of the best chefs in Paris. Straight from Japan and also from Spain the food has been raved about by every critic between those two different countries.

The head chef boasts two Michelin Stars and the cuisine, is to die for. If you are looking for a perfect fusion of French culture and amazing cuisine, this is your location for a savory experience.

If you have been dreaming of traditional French opulence, with its gold and crème splendor, you will want to dine at Benoit. This is a beautiful traditional French restaurant replete with velvet winged back chairs and frescoes ceilings; this is the perfect place to take a someone for an anniversary or a proposal and an ideal place for a romantic Paris Dinner.

As a part of the Hotel de Ville it is one of the most coveted locations in Paris for opulence, luxury and a great location on the periphery of Marais which will allow you to enjoy the swanky district around the restaurant for the perfect champagne after dinner.

Le Train Bleu is a perfect experience for a romantic Paris Dinner.

Le Train Bleu is for anyone who wants the traditional French cuisine as well as an excellent location to allow you to kick back and relax in perfect old world style. The restaurant is designed to make you feel as though you are in a train station waiting on a train.

There is no better way to be able to kick back and enjoy a traditional meal than in this location with this Victorian surrounding. You will marvel at the food as well as to the cuisine you will be able to experience.

Spring is another location which is perfect for a romantic Paris dinner evening out, although it looks rather unassuming on the outside of the restaurant; this is an excellent place for a cozy menu for two.

The food is prepared completely from scratch every day and it is a mid-range price which means that you will be able to enjoy the very best at an affordable price.

Plan on getting ready to settle into one of the best locations for romance and price, run by an American chef, all of the ingredients are local and offer the best prices as well as the best fare in Paris.

Another hidden gem is Le Chardenoux is also an excellent location for having dinner with your sweetheart. All of the creations on the menu are sourced daily and the menu changes every day depending on what the chef can find in the market. This is right in the middle of the arts district and the perfect place for a night out.

With plenty of amazing choices to choose from, you’ll always be able to find some unique place for a perfect romantic Paris Dinner.


Restaurants mentioned:

  1. Passage 53
  2. Benoit
  3. Le Train Bleu
  4. Spring
  5. Le Chardenoux

Le Chardenoux is one of my personal favorites and every time my wife and I go to France, we make sure to eat there. Service is great, food even better.


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