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Northern England Road trip around the Northern Bend

Northern England Road Trip


Northern England – Road trip around the Northern Bend

I remember the first time I read about England, I must’ve been in middle school. The maps included were amazing, they really made me feel like I was in the country, seeing the landscape, smelling the sweet scents of the air, reliving a part of history that is truly amazing. I knew then that I wanted to not just go, but to take a Northern England Road Trip!


A Gorgeous town on the road to northern England

I had gone on a Northern England road trip a while ago;  it was an amazing experience.

Like the ones we dream of when we’re young, either soaring through the skies, going to the beach with the family, which I shared with a few friends and family after my return. But I felt that the experience had to be shared on a larger scale. That’s when I decided to write about it in hope that I will inspire more people whether local or tourist to take on this amazing journey.

Before we start I must confess that I am one of those people who derive therapeutic pleasure out of driving. So the drive was long but a satisfying one, the scenery was breathtaking and the pubs were simply amazing.

The route I am going to be talking about starts around 12 miles after Alston, with a right turn taking us on the B6305 to Hexham. If you haven’t been to Hexham, I suggest you make a stop in this town just like I did.

Alston town center

Alston town center

I found the town to have a rich historic significance, build around a Benedictine monastery, called the Hexham Abbey.

Hexham Abbey Outside

Hexham Abbey Outside

I took my time enjoying the architecture of the structure and the stained glass was simply marvelous, while observing the crypt I was told, the bricks used in its construction were reclaimed roman bricks.

This moment was my first Northern England Road trip “wow” moment because it made me think for a moment. Rome is in Italy, I am here in this gorgeous town in northern England. Talk about a distance and still we’re talking about the Romans!

Hexham Abbey Stained Glass window

Hexham Abbey Stained Glass window

Anyway, after I left the town of Hexham, I continued on my northern England road trip and  found myself a couple of miles south of Hadrian’s Wall. Since this was my first seeing the monumental wall, I took a brief detour from north of Chollerford and then west on the Military Road, B6318. I just had to walk the wall, so I started from the section near Once Brewed, a thrilling experience walking on a piece of history itself. This was THE furthest extend of the Roman Empire, in its height, stretching from the Middle East to Northern England!

hadrian's wall, roughly 1200 miles from Rome

hadrian’s wall, roughly 1200 miles from Rome

After musing around the wall, I headed back to Hexham and on my way I visited the Roman garden in Chollerford.

From Hexham I headed south on the B6306, driving through the tranquil Slaley Forest to the tiny village of Blanchland, where I stopped and dined at the historic Lord Crewe Arms Hotel and its cozy fireplace.

I would say of the entire Northern England Road trip,  this is where I was the most relaxed. The town is what one pictures in there head when reading about “old” England. Peaceful with very kind people. Home are filled with flowers and books and great smelling foods! The hotel was picturesque

Very Pretty Homes in Blanchland

Very Pretty Homes in Blanchland

garden at the lord crewe arms hotel, blanchland

garden at the lord crewe arms hotel, blanchland

Beyond the Blanchland Derwent Reservoir, I turned left on the B6278 at Edmundbyers leading me to the Manor House Inn. I visited the pubs famous for the best pub food in north eastern England, and left immediately. My next stop was Allenheads, and that is because I just couldn’t have left without visiting the Allenheads Inn. There I saw the most incredible and extraordinary décor, the food was just as excellent as the environment, and if you do manage to go there don’t be surprised to see a four foot wooden chicken on a dining table.

Eventually, I continued on north on the B6295, till I got to Allendale Town, mostly because I wanted to see The King’s Head and it was nice to visit the town as well. I was told by the people that New Year’s Eve is the right time to visit Allendale. However, the town has a nice rustic feel to it and I simply breathed in the atmosphere while travelling through it.

Finally, a short run north on B6295 towards Langley, then a left back on the A686 for an exhilarating descent to Penrith. It turned out to be an incredible drive around the country which I will cherish for a longest time to come.


Brougham Castle near penrith

Brougham Castle near Penrith

This was one of the most scenic trips I ever took in my life and was totally surprised and impressed by my Northern England Road trip. The trip is easy to make with plenty of tour buses going to all of these beautiful towns. But if you get the chance, rent a car and truly take in the sights!


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