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Nightlife in Tel Aviv - 10 Sites Locals Love

Nightlife in Tel Aviv – 10 Sites Locals Love


Nightlife in Tel Aviv – 10 Sites Locals Love – 10 Sites Locals Love

Tel Aviv is bursting with energy day and night, with Forbes counting it as one of the top party destinations in the world. Sundown is not exactly when the nightlife in Tel Aviv begins. If you are a diehard night owl, wait until 12 pm to step out. Nightlife in Tel Aviv starts late and don’t seem to end until the next afternoon.

Valium Night Club

If you want a hectic as well as relaxing all-nighter with great music and great people, head for Valium in Ben Yehuda Street. The roof top fun begins around midnight and goes on forever, with the fantastic night view of the city and the sea serenading you all along. It’s not a cheap place even with the free welcome shots, but it’s worth every penny and totally makes it to the top nightlife in Tel Aviv site.

Norman Bar

If you love good beer and crave for a homely atmosphere, Norman Bar located at 8 Hillel Hazaken is the place for you.

Spend your night in here for an authentic nightlife inTel Aviv feel, and enjoy the wide selection of beer and music on offer.

The warmth of the owners, and the easy camaraderie with fellow drinkers, will soon make you feel you belong here.

Dusk in Tel Aviv

Dusk in Tel Aviv


Not in the heart of Tel Aviv, but not far from civilization either, this bar and restaurant located in Ramat Hahayal will give you an intimate experience of local culture, regaling you with live performances almost every night. The variety is great, and the night will not be boring.

The Block Club

If clubbing is more about music and dance to you and less about non-stop drinking, the Block Club will be to your liking. They have great DJs, and they bring them from all over the world. They also have different kinds of music and dance to add variety to the scene. Be well-prepared for a high-energy night here.

Bar Hamezeg

This one offers great local and Mediterranean food combined with unlimited refills of quality spirits, true to its name which means the act of pouring in Hebrew. Located in Ibn Gabirol, this bar frequented by locals resembles a Mediterranean tavern in look and feel.

Pineapple Express

Next up on nightlife in Tel Aviv is the Pineapple Express. A mega-bar located at Hangar 23, Tel Aviv Port, Pineapple Express has it all. The wide open sky and the sea close at hand, you can have all the pop and hip hop you want while you down the drinks all night long. The place is hit by waves of clubbers, both young and not so young.

Clara Dance Bar

It is not a round-the-year affair, but a great place to spend summer nights, what with its proximity to the sea and the vibrant crowd consisting mainly of younger people. But if you don’t want to be in the thick of the action, you can enjoy your drinks by the sea. It is at the Dolphinarium beach.

The Cat & Dog Club

A favorite with the locals, this club at Carlebach Street has a great music scene with live performances. Their in-house DJs are great, but they bring in international DJs too, to add to the experience. So you get the best of both the worlds!

Old Jaffa Street, Tel Aviv, at night

Old Jaffa Street, Tel Aviv, at night

Cookies and Cream Bar

Don’t let the name fool you for this nightlife in Tel Aviv spot. There’s nothing tame about this hardcore watering hole. They have a great variety of whiskey and tequila on offer, enough and more to satisfy your thirst. You can find this little hideout at Allenby 99; entrance is through a side door.

Junk Yard

It has all the trappings of a carefully orchestrated carelessness, complete with graffiti and fresco adorning the walls. Depending on your mood, you can choose between a small, cozy space on the ground floor and a much larger one upstairs. You can find this place at Yehuda Halevi 46, right next to the well known Post Office.

Yup, Tel Aviv is filled with an extensive nightlife. But as I mentioned in a similar posting about Tokyo night life, I’m not a big partier so there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of other enjoyable things to do in the nighttime in Tel Aviv. Everything from, yes, awesome pizza places, jazz clubs, comedy clubs, Starbucks like hang out areas. Probably one of the coolest things is people in Tel Aviv tend to be really relaxed and very friendly.

So don’t feel put off about trying one of the places above, but if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t worry a bit. I am sure right down the block is another cool place to visit.

Enjoy your nightlife in Tel Aviv!


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