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Lizard Peninsula Cornwall - Visit of Grandeur and Tranquility

Lizard Peninsula Cornwall – Visit of Grandeur and Tranquility


Lizard Peninsula Cornwall – Visit of Grandeur and Tranquility

The Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall England, a destination as exquisite as its name, stands proudly in the sea. Paradoxically, the peninsula presents a rugged face to the rudiments but the climate is probably one of the warmest in Britain.

Unpolluted by industries the air is crisp, clear and fresh, making breathing so much easier than it is out in the cities at Lizard Peninsula.

Small villages protected by the giant cliffs and towering rocks make you travel back in time and experience what you cannot in today’s busy world. Since it has flat terrain, exploring it on foot or on a bike is ideal.

Fishing Villages

Fishing Villages

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Hiking has always been one of my most beloved hobbies. Hiking through The Lizard Peninsula with my wife was my dream.

It is recognized in Britain as one of the most important pieces of land where more than fifteen of Britain’s rarest plants can be found.

Stunningly beautiful throughout the year it can be quite rightfully said that there is no place like it in the whole of Britain. The area is also famous for the wildlife that it proudly boasts of. The Lizard has remained an inspiration for artists and writers who were spellbound by the stunningly beautiful scenery that it had to offer.

When we visited The Lizard Peninsula we could see seals and even basking sharks. This left me open mouthed. The imposing cliffs have a beauty of their own. The views from this stretch of Cornwall are breathtaking. You will get to witness everything imaginable once you visit The Lizard Peninsula. From the storm ragged harbors in the west to the small but sheltered villages in the east there are a number of locations you can visit.

The beautiful Kynance Cove, Cornwall

The beautiful Kynance Cove, Cornwall

The colorful boats pulled up on the beach and the cluster of houses with thatched roofs gave the surroundings a peaceful look. To get outside the routine hustle bustle of the city and into the serene exquisiteness of insignificant fishing villages such as Cadgwith and Mullion Covecome where people depended so highly on the sea for their daily livelihood left me wondering about the lost tranquility in our lives.

The most prized possession of The Lizard Peninsula by all means is the Kynance Cove.

The tough climb downwards is worth the clean yellow mounds of rolling sand the gigantic red and green serpentine rocks polished by the sea over centuries and the magnificent roaring blue sea. BBC describes the coast as “one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the South West.” And my wife and I could not agree less.

cadgwith harbour and bay fishing village and port cornwall england uk

cadgwith harbour and bay fishing village and port cornwall england uk

Helston is one other such place that I would like everyone to visit. To experience the Furry Dance, a prehistoric pagan festival, visit The Lizard on May 8. The dance celebrates the passing of winter and the arrival of spring. The dancers wear the Helston’s symbolic flower Lily of the Valley to follow the tradition. This experience will always be one of the very best.

My trip to The Lizard was one of those breath taking experiences where time flies fast but leaves a long lasting impact on your mind for days to come.

The Lizard Peninsula remained a topic of discussion for many days in our house. Reliving the memories refreshed us. Planning a trip again would not be a bad idea come to think of it!



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