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Israel Souvenirs and Mementos - Take Home Your Memories

Israel Souvenirs and Mementos – Take Home Your Memories


Israel Souvenirs and Mementos – Take Home Your Memories

Like any country in the world, when visiting Israel, there are vast arrays of items to take home as memento’s. Whether it’s for you, friends, family, gifts for co-workers, there is an endless list of things to take.

David Street, Old City, Jerusalem

David Street, Old City, Jerusalem

However, I have rarely seen a place such as Israel where the cultures there influence the items for sale as they do there. You can walk down any of the narrows streets in the Old City in Jerusaem and have the option to buy anything from necklaces with Hamsa’s on them to Kippa’s, Crosses, and so much more. And, if you’re up for it, make sure you bargain!

One afternoon I received an email that literally made my jump up and down in my chair, scaring my girlfriend (now wife), our dog Geshem (means rain in Hebrew) and our cat Lola. I yelled “Yay!” I just received an email from very close friends (Caleb and Hannah) from Hong Kong that he and his family were coming to Israel. We hadn’t seen them in over a year and we knew this was going to be great!

Hurry Square, Jerusalem

Hurva Square, Jerusalem

Our friends family are originally from Israel so they were also coming back to visit family. But one thing that they made a priority? Go shopping in the Old City of Jerusalem! I realized then that it’s one thing to shop for yourself, but when you’re helping someone else!

Israel Souvenir: Cosmetics from the Dead Sea Region

Women generally go gaga about cosmetics all the time. Israel is one of the top exporters in the world in cosmetics and skin care. Reason why? The Dead Sea!

It really is a fantastic Israel Souvenir to take back for someone.

Reason has it, that the mud around Dead Sea is rich in minerals, and skin care products that use this mud are supposed to be infallible. My personal favorite is “Ahava” which means “love” in Hebrew. My wife lives by it.

Israel Souvenir: Biblical Jewelry from Huvra Square

It is not as if Huvra Square specializes in jewelry (but contains amazing history), but our friends told us that there are a couple of shops over there where one can get just what one is looking for. I have rarely met any shopper who knows exactly what they want. But finally, when I saw the items they bought, I mentally whistled.

Apart from stunning Judaica items, she also bought beautiful Olive wood carvings, and a dazzling mezuzah (generally, a parchment inscribed with religious texts) made in Jerusalem stone. I was very impressed by the craftsmanship and the detail in some of these items.

Example of Olive Wood Carvings

Example of Olive Wood Carvings

Israel Souvenir: Models of the Jewish Temple

This is something I recommended that our friends take back with them to Hong Kong to give to their friends. There are several shops in the Jewish Quarter in the Old City where you can get these models for kids (These models are like Lego which can be dismantled, and then re-built from scratch.).

Second Temple Model

Second Temple Model

Kabalah Bracelets, Jewelry, and Amulets

Hannah literally bought a ton of these. When she saw Caleb’s face, she just quipped, “Kabalah jewelry makes interesting gift items.” She was probably planning on taking home gifts for the entire female population of Hong Kong. Good thing you can bargain in the Old City!

Of course, they are professed to bring health, good fortune, and success in endeavors to people who wear them. But if one is not too much preoccupied with the legacy, they can be admired for their unique craftsmanship as well.

Rows Of Colorful Bracelets On Jewelry Market

Rows Of Colorful Bracelets On Jewelry Market

Israel Souvenirs include everything from picture postcards to Krav Maga T-shirts is available It depends on which memory of Israel you want to take home. And, not just in the Old City, but all throughout Jerusalem itself are amazing places to shop, from $5 bracelets to very expensive pieces of art (Mamilla mall).

Oh, and if you have time to do some sightseeing, check out some of my experiences on the Via Dolorosa and the City of David.



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