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Hue Vietnam - Experiencing The Crown Jewel of Asia

Hue Vietnam – Experiencing The Crown Jewel of Asia


Hue Vietnam – Experiencing The Crown Jewel of Asia

Hue, a jewel in the crow of Vietnam, a place showcasing the past of the Vietnamese feudal empire, resonates with Vietnam’s glorious past. Think of palaces and pagodas, history, tombs and temples, all encapsulated in one city, then only will you be able to understand how glorious Hue really is.

Tomb of Khai Dinh emperor, Hue, Vietnam.

Tomb of Khai Dinh emperor, Hue, Vietnam.

Hue Vietnam, undoubtedly has a lot to offer to its visitors.

Its buildings that are remnant of its past stand proudly, demonstrating the power of Vietnamese emperors of yore, and continue to attract lots of tourists from around the world.

The charm of Hue Vietnam arises from the fact that it is located on the Perfume River, which presents a scenic view at all times. When I visited Hue, it seemed to me to be a blend of its past and present, as there were luxurious hotels surrounding the worn Citadel walls, yet efforts that are made to preserve the grandeur of the city were quite visible too.

Perfume River, Hue, Vietnam

Perfume River, Hue, Vietnam

When I reached Hue Vietnam, I decided to visit some of the pagodas and tombs of the emperors that were at the south of Hue.

I noticed that almost all the sites in Hue are located around the fortified Citadel, which has also been claimed as a World Heritage Site.

I walked along the Trang Tien Bridge to see the gloried Citadel, also known as the Imperial City. It was absolutely stunning and I just fell in love with the brilliance of its architecture. The Citadel has a prominent tall flag tower, along with ten ornate gates guarding its grand palace. This ancient place was just magnificent.

I also visited the Thien Mu Pagoda, which is between a river nd a pine forest. The golden Buddha near it was quite fascinating for me. The Pagoda had seven tiers, and presented amazing architecture.

Then I went to visit the tomb where Emperor Khai Dinh was buried, and this was a truly beautiful tomb. It had bejeweled walls and its high rising ceilings were also decorated quite intricately. I actually took a lot of time to explore this beautiful tomb in its entirety. This tomb had a life size statue of the emperor as well and an incredible site in Hue Vietnam.

One of the best places to visit in Hue Vietnam turned out to be the Vinh Moc tunnels. Vietnam had been at war with the Chinese, Americans, and French in the past; hence its buildings are all full of stories to leave its visitors enthralled. This tunnel was built for protection, and it felt eerie when I entered them. I just can’t imagine how the Vietnamese soldiers could have lived in these tunnels for years and years.

Emperor Khai Dinh Statue

Emperor Khai Dinh Statue

The trip to Hue would have been incomplete had I not visited Vietnam’s largest marketplace. Buzzing with tourists, the market had the famous conical hats, souvenirs, bronze good, sesame sweetmeat and much more for everyone. It’s so huge that it is very easy to get lost; in essence it is a shopper’s paradise. It was one of the craziest markets that I have seen in my life; however it was more for locals than for visitors like me.

But that is what I like the most, that local atmosphere.

The trip to Hue was like a trip back in Vietnam’s historical times. I really enjoyed each bit of. It was quite exquisite, and I would recommend Hue, to everyone who goes to visit Vietnam. You just can’t miss this historical masterpiece in Vietnam.



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