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Hong Kong Disneyland Adventure - Magical Family Time

Hong Kong Disneyland Adventure – Magical Family Time


Hong Kong Disneyland Adventure – Magical Family Time

Hong Kong Disneyland is a world class resort and theme park which is a must see place, especially for families visiting Hong Kong. This wonderful place is situated on Lantau Island and is a 30-minute Railway ride away from Hong Kong’s centre.

The setting and atmosphere of this place is full of excitement and adventure. Hong Kong Disneyland offer thrilling experiences for all age groups including spectacular parades, fireworks, photo sessions with Disney characters, Mickey’s Philharmagic music adventure, an amusing 3D movie, Festival of Golden Mickeys and Lion King, and Broadway style shows.

Iconic Castle of Disneyland

Iconic Castle of Disneyland

With the Disney themed hotels, scenic spots, and fun rides, along with delicious Asian and Chinese food, Hong Kong Disneyland park will undoubtedly make for an unforgettable experience.

Major Attractions

The main attractions of Disney land are the four themed lands. Every themed land has exclusive stores where souvenirs and memorabilia are available. Each land has numerous restaurants that offer a wide range of food items.

There is transport available between the park and hotels for convenient commute.

Hong Kong Disneyland has special attractions fused with the Chinese culture which makes it s must-see place.

There are Disney characters moving around and accompany the visitors on this magical and fantastic trip. There are roller coasters, haunted houses, crazy mirrors, Ferris wheels, cotton candy, hotdogs, and so much more to look forward to.

Main Street USA

Main Street, Hong Kong Disney

Main Street, Hong Kong Disney

This is the first theme land one will come to after entering Hong Kong Disney land. Once you enter the main street, you will be able to see unique buildings, dim gas lamps, and a paddy wagon going by. City Hall transports, Disneyland railroad, and antique taxicabs will give you an experience of 20th century America fused with Chinese elements.

Adventure Land

After you leave Main Street USA, you will come to the Adventure Island. Here, the Jungle River Cruise which is guided by a brave captain will take you to various hidden regions. In Adventure land, you will witness orangutans, elephants, cobras, hippos and other jungle elements.

Adventure Land, Hong Kong Disney

Adventure Land, Hong Kong Disney

This attraction was conceived originally fifty years ago by Walt Disney but has been given a completely new look with thrilling Disney magic of 21st century especially designed for Hong Kong Disneyland.

Fantasy Land

After Adventure Land, you will enter the Fantasy land. This place will make all your Disney dreams come true with Snow White grotto, Dumbo, Sleeping Beauty castle, Mad Hatter tea cups, sword in the stone, and Winnie the Pooh. The visitors can join Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and other characters at the 3D attraction of Mickey’s Philharmagic.

Tomorrow Land

Lastly, you will enter Tomorrow land. The amazing and exciting space mountain roller coaster ride will have you screaming all the way till the end. You can even fly a space capsule and battle the aliens with a space gun at Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters.


Tomorrowland, Hong Kong Disney

Tomorrowland, Hong Kong Disney

Hong Kong Disneyland is undoubtedly one of the most fantastic and exciting places to visit in the city. There are also a variety of Disney themed hotels one can select and have an exciting time with your friends and family.

And don’t miss the nightly fireworks! Be sure to get there a little early to grab a seat outside of Cinderella’s castle! And depending upon the holiday and time of the year, Disney offers a wide range of activities and themes to match the festivities.



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