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Hong Kong and China - Here We Come!

Hong Kong and China – Here We Come!


Hong Kong and China – Here We Come!

Hong Kong and China!

After 1 1/2 years I am finally returning to the place where I once, and still do, call home; Hong Kong and China. This time, though, I am going with my wife and our daughter to Hong Kong and China!

We are at T-Minus 25hrs to flight time. All our bags are packed (sort of), we’re ready to go (basically) taxi will be waiting beside our door…

We will be in both Hong Kong and China for over a month.

This will sure to be an unbelievable adventure, trip, experience, and more.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific

My wife is from China and we are thrilled to be going back to Shanghai to visit her family. We’ll be moving around the country exploring new lands, foods, and customs. I’ll be back hard at work, traveling around Hong Kong and China, visiting factories and working on our goods.

And through it all, I’ll be writing it all down. The good, the bad, the not so great, my feelings, and tribulations. I am both super excited and honestly, a bit nervous, too, to return to the place where I grew up and had learned so much of the world in my 20’s. How much is the same? Different? So many of my friends are gone, some are left. Some will never leave.

What is it like stepping off of a 16hrs flight from New York to Hong Kong and China (direct) with a 2 year old? We land 530 in the morning. How smoothly can we make it through immigration and customs? Get to our apartment? Get settled?

Start enjoying our time in Hong Kong and China!

Be prepared for something never done before, up close, personal. 100% real. Video’s, audio, writings, you name it.

Have a suggestion, or want me to write about something in my day? No problem, just drop me a line and let me know!

I can’t wait! How about you?

So come along and join me for what will sure to be a once in a life time, up close and personal, experience, in Hong Kong and China!



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