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Haunted Locations in England - The Doorway to Another World

Haunted Locations in England – The Doorway to Another World


Haunted Locations in England – The Doorway to Another World

England has a reputation of being one of those places that have various haunted houses and dwellings (check out the secret places of Paris!). I decided to visit some of the haunted locations in England myself to witness the evil that people claim to have seen there.

Some of the haunted locations in England were places where tragedy had struck and the ghosts of the dead did not intend to leave.

Others apparently, had murdered witches still lurking around in the dark to take revenge.

I am a big fan of Ghost Hunters which is why I decided to go on this adventure. So I took to the road early one Saturday morning and started my journey towards the horrors and haunted locations in England!

Here I list some of the places that truly fascinated me. 

Borley Rectory

Probably the most famous in whole of England Borley Rectory was one of my top choices of the places I wanted to visit. Suspected to be haunted ever since it was built this old, gothic Victorian mansion was constructed in 1862.

Burnt to ground by a fire in 1939 the mansion was remodeled in 1944. Footsteps had been heard all over the place. This did not frighten me as almost all haunted houses do have cases of unexplained knocks, whispers and footsteps.

What did make my hair stand on end was the fact that a Reverend’s wife had found a woman’s skull wrapped in brown packaging and stashed inside her cupboard. I found the incident very creepy indeed. However, I did not experience any paranormal activity, though the mansion did have a sense of loss and a heavy feeling of sadness.

And I was very glad when I finally stepped out of the gloomy mansion and into the bright sunlight! This one definitely took the cake as being the top haunted locations in England.

Berry Pomeroy Castle

The ghosts of the Blue Lady and the White Lady haunt the Berry Pomeroy Castle, believed to be one of the most eerie castles in England.

Berry Pomeroy Castle

Berry Pomeroy Castle

This picturesque castle has the reputation of concealing sinister secrets behind its pretty façade. The White Lady haunts the dungeons and is harmless according to the locals. It is the Blue Lady we should be afraid of.

She haunts the tower and attracts passersby to it, who plunge to their death if they succumb to her. The place itself is very beautiful and I personally did not feel threatened by it.

Ancient Ram Inn

This Ancient Ram Hotel easily makes the top list of haunted locations in England.

The hotel has been owned by many people since 1145 and is believed to be one of the most haunted inns. This did not surprise me because history revealed that the house had been a location where different disturbing incidents had taken place.

Black magic and child sacrifices are a big part of the house’s past so the eerie feeling the inn gives off does not feel bizarre. You feel once you get inside that it is unsafe and you feel like you are being watched.

John Humphries, the current owner of the hotel believed that the lodge is haunted by various spooks including a witch, orbs, two demons and various other ghostly presences. No wonder the inn gave me the heebie jeebies!

Do you believe in haunted houses? Well, whether you do or don’t, these haunted locations in England are sure to give you a sense of excitement!



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