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Day Trip to Mahachai - Relaxers Paradise Galore

Day Trip to Mahachai – Relaxers Paradise Galore


Day Trip to Mahachai – Relaxers Paradise Galore

When you want to escape the hustle bustle of the day to day life of Bangkok there is no place better then a Day Trip to Mahachai. Situated approximately forty-five kilometers south-west of Bangkok, the town has a soothing effect on you.

Mahachai is so not the town for you if you want to go fishing or gambling. It is where you go to do nothing and for no specific time period.

You visit Mahachai when you just want to enjoy the cool and refreshing ocean breeze. That is exactly what I did, a Day Trip to Mahachai. And it was marvelous! Taking a ferry across the river I looked at the beautiful floats and all that the town had to offer.

The market itself is very astounding. Sporting a wide variety of crabs, fish, and other wriggling species out of the sea the market is one of a kind. The air is thick with a strong smell of fish and the sounds of vendors calling people to their stands.

It seems that the railway and the market grew around each other. Merchants have to move their merchandise off the train tracks as the train approaches the station. You are bound to get lost in the hustle bustle of this market.

Market and Train Line, Mahachai

Market and Train Line, Mahachai

This market is a fish lover’s dream come true. The assortment of fish on sale over here is mind-blowing. Squids are particularly celebrated in the market. Every fish stall sports different types of squid, neatly displayed according to sizes and grade. A stall was selling dried squid. Packed in a bag you could enjoy it while roaming around the market.

When every making a day trip to Mahachai, you may also see a faction of monks, clad in their most excellent orange ritual robes, stepping on the ferry to take them to the opposite side of the waterway. We passed by both the Thai and Chinese sanctuaries, and witnessed the various collections from the ocean in enormous quantities.

After strolling through the market we all felt hungry and so after looking for a restaurant we all agreed to dine in at Ran Ahan Pi, an ancient restaurant, famous mainly for its delectable seafood.

When making a Day Trip to Mahachai, make sure to stop here.

Entire varieties of Thai seafood, as well as a number of exceptional house-made fortes, were displayed on the restaurant’s menu.

Beautiful sky at Tha Chin River, Mahachai, Thailand

Beautiful sky at Tha Chin River, Mahachai, Thailand

The eatery proprietor is recognized to possess quite a personality, and according to the story we were told by the locals, when anyone ordered rice with omelets, he would become really angry and would tell the consumer to leave his restaurant. The lesson of the story being that when you go to a seafood restaurant, you order only seafood. No chicken and definitely no eggs.

We finally decided to order the shrimp covered in chili powder, lime juice and fish paste, squid which was stir fried in the company of salted egg yolks, in addition to a crunchy deep-fried bass dished up with acerbic green mango pulp as the side. The whole lot of food we ordered was fresh and tasty.

After an awesome Day Trip to Mahachai Fish Market and an appetizing dinner we finally decided to go back to our hotel room to fall into a deep slumber.



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