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China Nightlife Scene - From Night Clubs to Relaxing Bars

China Nightlife Scene – From Night Clubs to Relaxing Bars


China Nightlife Scene – From Night Clubs to Relaxing Bars

There I was. Gawking in doubt. Was it the throb of the drums pounding through my torso? Were they the laser lights and golden chandeliers distributing rays of light shimmering in all directions? And is this an assemblage of totally wasted businessmen dripping their drinks as they danced collectively on the floor? The China Nightlife Scene!

Yes. The response is yes! Yeah, this is utterly ludicrous. Yes, I will drink an additional whisky and juice. And YES, I am still speculating about how I got here.

A crowd of young people dancing in a nightclub

A crowd of young people dancing in a nightclub

Two words actually encapsulate the nightlife the China nightlife scene: Absolutely wacky. Sure. In the top tier metropolises, you can stop over at the bar for a glass of Guiness. And you can find foreigner monopolies to satisfy the longing for foreign ferments and well-known corporations, but this is not why you are vacationing here.

You traveled to China for the venture. Pull your socks up and hold on fast as carousing in China is one amazing experience.

China Nightlife: Local bars

Local bars exist in the region of high-rise neighborhoods in chief cities of China. You are not going to locate a lot of foreigners at this juncture. These bars are inconspicuous, have little liveliness, nevertheless can be an amazing place to get a beer if you desire a calm societal setting. Throughout the point of time I was residing in China, I witnessed very few bars. Trust me – it is low key.

If you want bars as we know them in the west, really only main cities will have them, Shenzhen, parts of Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing, and a few in Qingdao.

China Nightlife: Nightclubs

The image of city in Beijing,Asia

Plenty to do in Beijing

If you make a decision to stop over at clubs in the top tier cities for instance Shanghai and Beijing, you are expected to discover women who like to prey on lone foreigner travelers. They will lure you for a small drink and then tea swindle you! Be careful! On the other hand if you visit a bar in lower tier cities, WHAM! You are bound to witness the divine grail of China’s nightlife.

Talk to someone for only a short time and drinks are bound to magically appear in front of you. If you dance on the floor people will pledge you are the modern Justin Bieber. The ambiance is extremely absurd. Live amusement, deafening music, wannabe gangsters, ULTRA stimulus for all the senses. Overall, a sensory overload for the wayward tourist.

But please head my warning, or advice, or whatever you may call it. There are lots of different kinds of “clubs” in China Nightlife.

Most are “real” but enough are scams or offering well… unintended services… Great story behind that but just keep mindful if you’re in a new place and not with someone that knows the area.

Foreigner Joints

night scene of shenzhen city

night scene of shenzhen city

Chengdu, Shanghai, Xi’an, Beijing, and a range of foreigner traveler locations around China offer you Foreigner Joints. If you are longing for an ambiance that is similar to your home, you should definitely just stay in these towns.

Foreigner joints for China nightlife are there to provide more often than not to the expat group of people living in the city. Chengdu’s Shamrock or Beijing’s Paddy’o Shays are the leading exemplars. A broad assortment of overseas food is typically on hand. The mood seems picked up exactly from the U.S.A.

These businesses are suitable if you want to have a good time, and to tender a number of the comforts found at home.

When on a visit to China, experiencing the nightlife is a must! You should definitely give it a go to experience some of the best drinks, atmosphere and of course people of all times.

And I know I said it plenty of times, but I don’t consider myself a partier by any means. But there are lots of things to explore and enjoy and I know many people that this is what they lived for!

Oh, and make sure to watch out for this scam if meeting some people you don’t know for the first time.



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