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Business Travelers in Rome - Accommodations to Food

Business Travelers in Rome – Accommodations to Food


Business Travelers in Rome – Accommodations to Food

For business travelers in Rome, or anyone visiting at all, it is easy to be sidetracked by the architecture and history of the city. If you have never been to Rome before, take a couple extra days, if you can, and visit the parts of the city that interest you most. In this way, you can be completely attentive to business when the time comes.

Business Travelers in Rome:  Accommodations

Many hotels in Rome are suitable for the business traveler. You can book your hotel on your mobile device, and it’s a good idea to make reservations in advance of your trip, since this is such a popular tourist destination.

Business hotels are a good choice over traditional hotels. Business hotels are designed with you in mind. They have good Wi-Fi signal and provide quiet areas where you and your associates can take on the task ahead of you without being disturbed. You will find 24-hour business centers in business hotels. They are valuable for photocopying, printing and faxing. Take advantage of the free coffee available at most business hotels in Rome to keep you alert for meetings.

Video conferencing will allow you to remain in close contact with your company back in the United States. Meeting rooms are available, if you are negotiating at your hotel. Whether you are traveling alone or with co-workers, there is plenty of space to accommodate your needs.

Business Travelers in Rome: Getting from Place to Place

Getting Around Rome

Getting Around Rome

You can easily book your transport from the airports in Rome to any business or hotel destination. Choose a transport company that offers prices that are all inclusive, and fixed. Drivers who speak English make it easier to get around the city, especially if they have experience in and around Rome.

Rental car companies offer you large fleets of the best names in car manufacturing. Their English-speaking representatives have experience, and they will take your reservation and hold a suitable car for you. Drivers and guides take you to and from airports, stations and destinations in and out of Rome.

Airport shuttles offer you speedy transport from the airports to your hotel or business venue. Most cars used for this service are air-conditioned. Cabbies in Rome often speak good English, since they serve the tourism industry, as well as business travelers. Many offer door-to-door services not just to hotels, but from airports to residences, too.

If you have negotiated a deal and want to have a celebratory dinner, there are limousine services available for your needs. They include service to airports, hotels and meeting places. Larger coaches are available for groups.

Business Travelers in Rome: Dining

Roma Sparita

This restaurant is tucked into a beautiful piazza in Trastevere, where you are surrounded by terracotta and fading ochre buildings. It is a wonderful choice in an area where exceptional restaurants are difficult to find. In good weather, business dinners can be held in the piazza, where it’s easy to relax with wine and some of the simple dishes.


Located high in Rome’s Monteverde area, this restaurant is managed by two Sardinian couples. The outdoor tables in summer are in a breezy area, which helps in escaping the heat. They serve a variety of tasty foods and you will be pleased to dine here with your co-workers, after a negotiation has been successfully concluded.

Business travelers in Rome can be sure to expect some of the best services in the world, from transportation to accommodation. There is a feeling of pride when traveling in Rome and it is very common for restaurants to cater specifically to clientele there on business.



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