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Amazing Hong Kong Food - The Best Local Dishes Around

Amazing Hong Kong Food – The Best Local Dishes Around


Amazing Hong Kong Food – The Best Local Dishes Around

Hong Kong is known for its nightlife but in the midst of fun, amusement, excitement, and entertainment, one need to refuel their energy. This can happen when you take a break and try the most amazing Hong Kong food. You just cannot resist these tempting delicacies when you are there.

When I lived in Hong Kong my apartment building was in North Point, which is situated about middle of Hong Kong island. This gave an incredible mix of western and eastern foods. I could go downstairs and literally have 10 small restaurants, like diners, offering incredible local dish’s. Even today thinking about it makes me want to go back and try more foods!

Roasted Suckling Pig

Known as the best cuisine in the country and an amazing Hong Kong Food, the Cantonese dishes are packed with flavor. One of the must have Cantonese dishes includes the cuisines main attraction, the Suckling Pig (if you eat pork). This dish consists of a delicious roasted pig which is stuffed with glutinous rice and is roasted on an open flame to give you the best flavors.

This piggy dish is a must have, since it offers the true ‘taste’ of Hong Kong.

Beef Brisket

If you have super yummy cravings for some spiced up noodles and delicious meat, the beef brisket noodles is the dish for you. This deliciously amazing Hong Kong food consists of yummy chunks of daikon giving it the beautiful sweetness it needs perfecto make diners salivate. The juicy brisket with the traditional noodles will have you head over heels for them in no time at all.

Beef Brisket Noodles

Beef Brisket Noodles

Snake Soup

Snake soup has the delicacy that no other soup or dish has and locally is considered an amazing Hong Kong food.

This dish is not just appetizing; it is also very beneficial for your health as well. Many restaurants have a tradition for hundreds of years now to serve the most flavorsome snake soup ever. The meat of the snake is shredded into stripes of white meat, followed by the addition of seafood, mushrooms, and lemon leaves to delight your taste buds.

Egg Tart

How about some delicious treats for the road? Egg tarts (pictured in the featured image) are the perfect ones for such occasions and journeys and easily makes it to the top of the amazing Hong Kong food.

The gorgeous golden puff pastry will steal your heart away with the first bite. Taking a bite in to the yellow hue full of rich flavors will just transport you to a whole new realm. This aroma of the delicate pastry will capture your heart and will definitely leave you astonished for sure.

Steamed Bun

Steamed Bun, a common dessert

Hot Pot

The hot pot dish is a traditional winter dish which the residents and tourists of Hong Kong love to enjoy with their families. This traditional amazing Hong Kong food consists of three different soups, of your choice followed by crabs, fresh tomatoes, egg whites, meat, fish balls, hot chilies, English oxtail, and so much more.

Hot Pot

Hot Pot


You can even add other options to make the most of this dish such as cheese stuffed beef balls, truffle dumplings, Japanese meat, rainbow cutter fish balls, and more.

Milk Tea

Milk tea is no ordinary tea, it is like no tea you have ever tasted and a true staple food of Hong Kong. Plus you cannot taste this anywhere else but in Hong Kong itself. This tea is made with the techniques of the Hainanese Coffee, which makes the taste, the aroma, and the experience unique.

Hong Kong Milk Tea

Hong Kong Milk Tea

If you are in the locality, and if you do not try these amazing Hong Kong food, you have really missed what Hong Kong is all about.



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