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Amazing Hong Kong Facts and Things to Know

Amazing Hong Kong Facts and Things to Know


Amazing Hong Kong Facts and Things to Know

I’m so sorry, or maybe not? But I just needed to write about more interesting facts of Hong Kong, because I love Hong Kong. It was and still is my home of over 7 years. For such a small landmass, there is just so many interesting facts! At the center of East and Western culture, there is an incredible, and unique, lifestyle.

Hong Kong is filled with many interesting stories, landmarks, events, cultures, traditions, and facts. Before you pack your bags and decide to go to the best destination for a long vacation, have a look at these really amazing hong kong facts.

Peak Tram- Oldest cable Funicular

Tram at the Peak, Hong Kong

Tram at the Peak, Hong Kong

Peak tram is the first cable funicular in all of Asia and was established in the late 1880s. This is also one of the steepest, and also the oldest railroad which operates through cables, in the world. This funicular gives transport services to over 11,000 people, and nearly 4 million on an annual basis.

This easily makes it to the top of the list of Amazing Hong Kong Facts!

¾ Hong Kong is rural

That is correct, about ¾ percent of Hong Kong is actually rural. It even compromises of 24 country parks and also woodlands, reservoirs, and scenic hills too. Amazing Hong Kong facts, right?

Hong Kong is actually divided into 3 primary regions and then dozens of island. The 3 primary regions are: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and The New Territories.

Clear Water Bay, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Clear Water Bay, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Nobel Peace Prize Winner

The Noble Peace Prize winner, Professor Charles Kao is from Hong Kong, and is also known as the ‘Father of Fiber Optics Communications.’ This is pretty amazing Hong Kong facts. All our modern technologies of communication, from here!

Chinese New Year’s Dish

The dish, Poon Choi, which is made on every New Years, consists of 10 different ingredients which are cooked separately, and brought together at the end in one big pot. This Hakka origin dish is very famous and popular in Cantonese cuisines.

Poon Choi Cantonese Big Feast Bowl Closeup

Poon Choi Cantonese Big Feast Bowl Closeup

Wine Auction

The world’s most expensive bottles of wine were auctioned in Hong Kong worth USD$ 232,692 each.

Wow! Now that helps make it to the list of amazing Hong Kong facts!


Hong Kong has the first Disneyland which opened in China, and the 3rd outside of the United States.

Mainstreet Disney, Hong Kong

Mainstreet Disney, Hong Kong

Mongkok Population

Mongkok has the highest population density in all of Hong Kong with as estimated 130,000 residents per square kilometers, unbelievable right?


The music genre, Canton-Pop started from Hong Kong which eventually went viral in all of Asia.

Bi-Cable Aerial Ride

Hong Kong has the longest bi-cable ride in all of Asia which extends over Ngong Ping Village, Po Lin Monastery, Giant Buddha, and Wisdom Path. This ride is hardly 25 minutes long. It also offers an breathtaking away view of the entire Hong Kong airport seen from above. Spectacular! What truly amazing Hong Kong Facts!

And if you feel more of the risk taker, try the glass bottom gondola!

Famous Gondola on Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Famous Gondola on Lantau Island, Hong Kong

World’s Highest Capita

Hong Kong café and restaurants boast one of the highest per-capita concentrations. This happens for every 600 people they feed.

Guinness World Record

The Guinness World Record for the largest magic lesson is held by a citizen of Hong Kong who taught a class of 314 children.

Most Skyscrapers

Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers in the entire world. It has over 8,000 buildings each consisting of more than 14 floors. Totally true! Amazing Hong Kong facts for sure, and I can even see my apartment building from that picture!

Hong Kong city night

Hong Kong city night

Home to the World’s most expensive

Iron Buddha, the most expensive tea is sold in HK for HKD$ 20,000 per kilogram. Hong Kong also consumes triple of the average of the world when it comes to tea, which is almost 9.8 kilograms on an annual base. Too costly to be an amazing Hong Kong facts?

Street Food

Street food is one of the most popular and most favorite kinds of cuisine in Hong Kong. It is not just popular amongst the locals, but it has made its mark amongst the tourists as well.

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


Hong Kong is known is the go to destination for luxurious goods and is the largest metropolis in all of Asia as well.

Amazing Hong Kong facts have so many interesting histories, places to visit, shop, eat, dine, enjoy, movie theaters, double decker buses, old trams, red taxi’s, and more. Every moment is lots of fun.



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