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About Me

About Me

“Discover the travel blog that cuts to the chase, and gives you the straight scoop on life around the globe…..from the expert who’s experienced it all!”

Hi, I’m Josh and thank YOU so much for taking the time to stop by my blog and read about some of my experiences.

Looking back at that quote… well… perhaps the last part of that is a bit too extreme, but it is my sincerestand deepest hope and desire to share with you as much as I know from my travels.


Travel takes you not only to new physical places over the earth, but to new stages in your life as well. These heightened senses of understanding are the real reason why we get our passports stamped. Though I’ve been through most of Asia, Europe, and areas of the Middle East, my travels have really taken me to a new home, the love of my life, the joys of fatherhood, and laughter with new-found friends at tables across continents.

The inspiration for this blog were the many questions people would ask about my travels, on anything from transportation to visas. Hearing my friends ask these questions led me to believe that the travel bug was starting to bite them as well. Most everybody wants to go travel at one point or another – whether to put their lives on a new path like me, or just to enjoy a new setting for their vacation. I aim to put out all the information I can, in hopes that something I say will make my reader take that step and get on that plane. The more people get out to see the world, the better.

I’m using the lessons from my journey to help paint a complete picture of the travel experience. Rather than the generic tips you get on a lot of travel sites, these all come from firsthand experience. I always find that it helps to have a unique perspective when seeking advice. That perspective is what I’m here to provide, on travel issues simple to complex.

When I write about an attraction, I break down the parts that stuck out to me – the stories I tell friends, that I can remember off the top of my head. That’s the tone I aim for. You feel more comfortable about going to a place when you have a friend who has been there, rather than a travel guide, written for everybody, to consult. I try to be the friend that’s “been there.” Travelers can drink in lots of information during their trips; I try to feature the knowledge you can’t get anywhere else.

But there’s a lot more to travel than the attractions. I write articles with important cultural tips as well. Behaving in line with local customs is important to the short-term travelers as well as to those on long-term stays and emigrants. Knowing what gifts to bring or how to patronize shops will keep your trip running smoothly, without you bringing home the extra baggage of embarrassment.

I also aim to keep people safe. One can hardly travel for nine years without hitting a few snags. While no tourist is safe from crime, I can help them avoid common scams, and tell them about the places they should avoid. I tell stories from the best and worst of my destinations, so you can stay safe.

To travel is to feel alive. In the age of information, we can help each other make our travel experience a shining memory for years to come. This is where I’ve been … where will life take you?

Thanks for visiting!